Tips and Tricks

Take a Picture of your screen

Shift+Command+ 3 for the whole screen

Shift+Command +4 for a specific area


Schedule a Do Not Disturb on your iDevices

Settings > Do Not Disturb

Schedule when to silence calls and alerts!  You can elect who to continue to receive phone calls from (Favorites, repeat callers, etc). Don’t worry, your alarm clock will still ring…



There are three passwords that you should engrave on your soul:

1. Your computer’s Administrator password

2. Your Apple ID

3. Your password manager app password

All others should be noted somewhere and hopefully encrypted and stored in a safe place.  Actually, in at least two safe places.


How to Create a Bookmark in Safari for this Website

You don’t have to type in the address for this website each time you want to visit it.  Here are instructions on how to create a link in your Safari browser:

To bookmark this webpage ( or any webpage), open the page in Safari, then choose Add Bookmark from the Bookmarks menu at the top of your screen. You can also click the Add Bookmarks button in the address bar, if it’s showing.

Type a name for the bookmark and choose where you want it to appear from the pop-up menu. You can add the bookmark to the bookmarks bar, the Bookmarks menu, or a collection of bookmarks.  I suggest you add it directly to the bookmarks bar so you don’t have to search for it later on.

You can also add a bookmark to the bookmarks bar by dragging the icon in the address box to the bookmarks bar.

To see a bookmark that you added to a collection, choose Show All Bookmarks from the Bookmarks menu.


Cleaning the mess on your Desktop

Having too many things on your desktop will slow your computer.

Here’s a trick to keep your things on the Desktop without really having them there:

Create a Folder on your Desktop called “Desktop Stuff.”

Drag everything on your desktop into it.

Drag it into your Documents folder.

Click it once to highlight it and then “create an Alias” of it.

Drag the Alias to the Desktop


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