Google Photos, Apple Music and Adobe Flash


July 22, 2015 Meeting: Derek Burrows, Facilitator


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Google Photos – Google has a new service called Google Photos that give you unlimited storage for your photos, with a catch. Is it for you?

  • Google Photos is available through an App that you download from the Apple App Store.
  • The App is free and provides some interesting features
    • Will auto upload from all your devices
    • Automatically organizes photos by people, places and things and images are searchable by these categorizations
    • Editing and sharing functionality
  • Need to maintain your originals on your computer to keep the high res version (the free version of Google Photos will only download small files even though you uploaded high res files)

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This and That…


June 15, 2015 Meeting: Nonnie Markeset, Facilitator

AppleID and iCloud What is the difference: The AppleID is your account with Apple

  • You have a credit card associated with this account.
  • You use it to purchase apps from the App and Mac App Store, music, movies, podcasts, ebooks from iTunes
  • Typically there is one Apple ID per family and each person must use the credentials of the person who set it up
  • At the end of these notes is a detailed list of services you have access to with your AppleID account

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The New Mac Photos App


April 20, 2015 Meeting: Derek Burrows, Facilitator

Will I be able to import my iPhoto or Aperture Library into Photos? You bet! Your iPhoto or Aperture library is compatible, and can be imported seamlessly into the Photos app. When you first launch Photos, it’ll either auto-convert your primary library or ask you to pick which library you’d like to import. Continue reading