Group Facilitators


Our Facilitators

Our Facilitators volunteer their time to support the community of Mac Users here in San Miguel de Allende through our monthly meetings.  They bring a broad base of experience to the group from their wide and varied backgrounds.

Nonnie Markeset

Nonnie had her own kitchen design/space planning firm in Washington, DC in her previous life.  She has worked with Apple and Mac computers since the early 80s.  She developed systems to fully automate her office using Apple computers in the late 80s and wrote an inventory/cost program for her industry.

Her expertise includes IWeb, IPhoto, Mail, iCal, Address Book, IDVD, IMovie, Microsoft Office and general questions about the computer.

Derek Burrows

Derek became a Certified Apple Technician, studying with Apple many years ago after working on Macs for a long time.  He is an advanced computer user, well versed in hardware and software for Mac computers.

His expertise includes a variety of programs from Final Cut Pro for digital movie editing to Photoshop and Dreamweaver, as well as all of the Apple software common to most computers. Odd issues that arise are a speciality of his!

Mark Wirganowicz

Mark was formerly employed as a Registered Geologist and Licensed Hydrogeologist.  With this experience in the physical sciences, Mark has been using computers consistently since the mid-80s, on a variety of platforms, including the first Macintosh computer produced by Apple.

He is very knowledgeable in the ecosystem of Apple devices and their many software applications, and is very familiar with the Microsoft Office suite. Mark also performs repairs and upgrades for all model Macintosh computers, and troubleshoots problems with hardware and internet systems.  He is available for one-on-one lessons in using computers and mobile devices (iPhones and iPads), and using photographic software such as Adobe Lightroom and Luminar.

Robert Harper
WhatsApp at 913-915-7415

Robert is a serial entrepreneur who has helped many companies move from pen and paper to online.  He started his passion for technology 34 years ago when he became a security consultant in the United States.  Over the course of his career he has helped over 100 school districts, campuses and churches deal with active shooter situation and prevention.  15 years ago Robert lead hiscompany into a “virtual” workspace, allowing his staff to work from anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Today Robert owns positions in a dozen companies and advises them all on technology.  He has worked for decades with Apple products, Google Products, Media creation, Communication systems and various other technologies.

Here in SMA, Robert helps expats get better TV media and is often found just answering technical questions from folks.

Jon Sievert

Jon was a writer, editor, and staff photographer for three music magazines for more than 20 years, a book publisher, designer and consultant, and has been a Mac user since 1985.

Our Facilitators are available to offer basic Mac computing questions following our monthly meetings.  Many of them offer outside classes and individual training as well.  Visit our Consultants and Outside Classes page for a full description of services available.


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  1. Hi I have a MAC book air a little over a year old. Notice today there is a shaded side in the left side of the screen and the screen flickers. Any ideas. Thanks Wayne

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