Consultants and Outside Classes

Whom to contact when you need help

If you are interested in getting more help than is available through our monthly meetings, here is a list of our Facilitators and people in the community who offer additional help on a fee basis.

Derek Burrows

I became a Certified Apple Technician studying with Apple many years ago after working with Macs for a long time. I am an advanced computer user well versed in hardware and software for Mac computers. I also work with a variety of programs from Final Cut Pro for digital movie editing to Photoshop and Dreamweaver as well as all of the Apple software common to most computers.

Odd issues that arise are a speciality of mine and I’m pretty good at figuring out quirks that stump most people and I have a very strong command of the operating system and how to fix issues that present themselves. I can help you organize your computer to best work for your way of thinking and can help you learn how to understand this sometimes complex machine.

If there are things that I feel require more than I can give I will advise you as to the best way to find a solution.  I also work as a web consultant and supply web hosting for clients. I work in HTML and CSS and WordPress.  Rates are $40 an hour at my apartment and $45 for a house call or peso equivalent.
I can also do some phone consulting to help troubleshoot issues

Nonnie Markeset

Besides tutoring I teach a series of courses on how to better utilize your computer and iDevices such as your iPad, iPhone and iPod. My basic computer course is an 8 hour course geared toward PC converts and people who are fairly new to computers. Some of the topics covered are the vocabulary and terminology of the computer, how it is organized, how to organize your work, file extensions, keyboard shortcuts, preferences, handling downloads and installing new applications, good backup practices and troubleshooting. The 6 hour intermediate course is a continuation of the basic course and goes deeper into methods for controlling the computer and your work.

I also give classes on specific programs such as “The Interrelationship of Mail, iCal, Address Book”, iPhoto, iTunes, Excel and Word and Learning the Basics of the iPad. Individual program courses are usually 3 or 4 hours.

My iPad course is a 4 hour course given in 2 two hour sessions over two days. It has proved to be very popular. Topics include setup, the App store, syncing, file transfer, mirroring and various apps. This course is ever expanding as more Apps are developed and extend the potential of the iPad.

Courses are given in my home in Club de Golf Malanquin. Each person works directly on a computer or his/her iPad to practice what we are learning.  Costs for courses range from $50 to $130. If you would like to receive notice of when these courses are being offered, please let me know.  For one on one tutoring I charge $40US, or peso equivalent, an hour if you come to my house or $45 an hour if I go to your house.

Mark Wirganowicz

My background is in geology and groundwater.  I was formerly employed as a Registered Geologist and Licensed Hydrogeologist in the US.  With this experience in the physical sciences, I have been using computers consistently since the mid-80s, on a variety of platforms.  While studying for my B.S. in Geology at San Francisco State University, I used the first Macintosh model for geologic data analysis and mapping.  I then became proficient with Unix (Sun Systems and Silicon Graphics) while at the University of Nevada-Reno while completing a M.S. in Hydrogeology, and then Windows PCs while working in the engineering consulting industry.  In the early 2000s, I made the conscious decision to return to the elegance and stability of the Macintosh system.

I am very knowledgeable in the ecosystem of Apple devices and their many software applications, and I am very familiar with the Microsoft Office suite.  I also perform repairs and upgrades for all model Macintosh computers, and troubleshoot problems with hardware and internet systems.  I especially enjoy optimizing older Mac computers to help keep them running for many more years.  I am available for one-on-one lessons to learn the basics of computers and mobile devices (iPhones and iPads), to help organize and clean up your filing system, or to help you prepare spreadsheets, documents, slideshows, or presentations.  I also assist photographers who want to improve their workflowand photography using software such as Adobe Lightroom and Luminar.  My rate is $40US per hour.

Jon Sievert

I was a writer, editor, and staff photographer for three music magazines for more than 20 years, a book publisher, designer and consultant, and have been a Mac user since 1985.



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