Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Mac Running Smoothly  

October 16, 2107 Meeting:  Mark Wirganowicz, Facilitator


Everything stored on your Desktop is kept active and running by your computer at all times.  This can be a significant drain on your computer’s resources, and will slow your computer.

If there are file/folders that you absolutely need on your Desktop, create aliases for them.  Aliases behave exactly like any other file or folder on your Desktop, but they do not tax your computer’s resources.  Here’s how to make an alias:

  • Drag the file/folder from the Desktop to its final destination (e.g., Documents folder, Pictures folder, your Home folder).
  • Select the file/folder you just moved, go to the File menu, click Make Alias.
  • Rename the alias, if desired, and hit the Return key on your keyboard.
  • Drag the alias back to the Desktop.

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