Finding Security in an Insecure World

September 18, 2107 Meeting:  Nonnie Markeset, Facilitator 

There are two types of risk we face

  • Outside our control
  • A hack has occurred on a company or organization that has our sensitive information.
  • It could be the IRS, Equifax, a bank, a credit card company, a lending company, a mortgage holder, an investment institution. Any entity we deal with and to which we have given our name, address, and social security number.
  • The use of this information by the hackers can be difficult to find and can last for years.
  • Some of what hackers can do with this information is take out credit cards in our name, apply for loans or mortgages, commit crimes and even be convicted, and change our address so that we won’t receive any notifications of what has been done.


  • Within our control. This list is long!
    1. Have weak passwords for websites we visit
    2. Use the same password for multiple sites
    3. Visit suspicious sites
    4. Download apps , movies, from unauthorized sites
    5. Click links in emails and enter our sensitive information on the website without ascertaining it is a valid site
    6. Post too much information about ourselves on social networks
    7. Use public wifi networks to visit sites that have our sensitive information
    8. Not secure our computers, phones, iPads with strong passwords
    9. Not have “Find My iPhone/Mac/iPad on in our iCloud account
    10. Not install the latest updates to our operating system
    11. Not install the updates to our applications

Click here to see the full notes for her presentation!

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