Apple Photos App

June 20, 2016 Meeting:  Facilitators TBD

We’re posting this meeting notice in advance to give you the opportunity to provide your questions and comments ahead of time so that our presenters can incorporate them into their presentation.

Please write your questions and input in the comments field below. Thank you in advance for your help in making this topic relevant to you!


3 thoughts on “Apple Photos App

  1. oh darn! I suggested this topic in January .. hoping it would be covered before I left SMA at the end of the winter. Please, please, please repeat this photos workshop in January, February or March for the snowbirds! Thank you!

  2. I plan to be at the meeting. I have used iPhoto, then Aperture, and now Photos…and I need help syncing Photos between iCloud, my laptop and iPhone. I thought if I deleted a photo from iCloud, that’s the “master” copy and the way to delete them also from my laptop and phone, but it’s not happening!!! Besides that, I have a fantasy that one day I’d have all my photos in one place (accessible using Photos)! Migrating/importing from one of these programs to “the next” has never been seamless, to say the least.

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