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January 19, 2015 Meeting:  Carol Snyder, Facilitator


By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world more transparent.

Mark Zuckerberg


Note: Click Here to view PDF with images of this presentation

What we’re going to talk about today:

– What you might want to use Facebook for, and why thinking that through matters

– Controlling your presence on Facebook through Friends, Profiles, Privacy Settings, Publishing Posts and use of Groups and Pages

– Getting the most out of Facebook


The Broad View

How do you want to use Facebook?

– A way to stay in contact with friends and family?

– A way to communicate to people with common interests?

– A way to share your insights and information with the world?

– A way to promote your business or special interests to a broad community?


Basic Elements of FB

– Your Timeline / Wall, your Posts, your Profile

– Newsfeed (what others post)

– Masthead Menu: Friends, Messages, Notifications, Privacy


Controlling Your Presence on Facebook

Once you determine how you want to use Facebook, there are many ways to manage your presence or your personal brand:

1. How you select your Friends

2. Your overall Privacy settings

3. How you publish your Posts

4. Through Groups and Pages


Prioritize friends and customize notifications

As you’re building your base of Friends, remember that you CAN:

– Be selective

– Choose what can be posted to your page

– Choose when to be tagged

Manage Friend Settings

– Each friend can be categorized and associated with lists

– Defaults to Friend, but can change to Close Friend or Acquaintance

– Smart Lists are automatic (i.e., “work”); you can create lists, such as “Book Club”

– You can choose to be notified of posts

– You can also “Unfriend” from this page and Find Friends

Following – Who can see the people and lists you follow?

– More Friend Settings

– Choose who can see your friends by selecting “Edit Privacy” in your Friends List


Your privacy settings let you manage basic privacy preferences

– “About” gives you the opportunity to set up a very robust profile that will…

Help friends find you

Help people identify with your shared interests

Help advertisers target you


Privacy Checkup

– Who can see my stuff? (Posts, Timeline, Tags)

– Who can contact me? (Messages, Friend Requests)

– How do I stop someone from bothering me? (Block users)

– “See More Settings” also allows you to specify who can look you up & if search engines can link to you

– “Privacy Checkup” accessible in the masthead from any page of Facebook


Activity Log as a Privacy Setting

– Review all recent activity

– “View As” – See what someone Timeline Settings else can see on your timeline

– Set who can post to your timeline & whether it needs your approval

– Who can tag you and tag approval settings

– Who can see posts you’ve been tagged in

Publishing Posts
– Publishing Posts You have choices – use them!

– With each post you choose who will see it:

Public Friends, Only Me,  Custom, Close Friends, Lists

Remember, a picture is worth a 1,000 words…
…and often contains a lot of meta data!- Remove GPS tagging if you don’t want to reveal the exact location- Turn off GPS tagging on your phone if location privacy is important to you

Editing Posts

You goofed! No worries…

– The drop down arrow in the upper right hand corner allows you to:

Edit text
Change date, location Hide

– This same down arrow on other people’s posts allows you to Delete or Hide from your timeline, or Unfollow from Newsfeed



Groups are private spaces where you can keep in touch with people by sharing updates, photos or documents

Public Groups bring people together with common interest

– Posting within a group goes on the Group’s Timeline, not yours & is visible to anyone

– Public Groups are a great place to get and share info

– Find Groups through Search or left nav “Find New Groups”

Private (Closed) Groups provide a more focused audience

– Private Groups can be found through search and you must request permission to join

– Posts are visible only to the group

Example: San Miguel Buy, Sell, Trade!

Secret Groups cannot be found through search and you must be invited to join

– Great for families, clubs, work, pen pals!

– Group members do not have to be “friends”



Pages allow businesses, brands and organizations to connect with people on Facebook

– Posts can be scheduled

– Using Pages for Business is a valuable marketing vehicle and combined with a Content Marketing Plan, it can be very powerful

– Pages can have multiple administrators

– For Business or just for fun, Pages are a great communication tool

– “Groups” in left nav; select “More” to create a new Group

– Followers “Like” your page and do not need permission to do so

– A Page administrator can ban users and hide comments and posts

– Settings provide flexibility to allow others to post to your page, to send direct messages, to tag, etc

– Pages can create targeted (paid) ads to meet a variety of objectives (Likes, Website Clicks, App Installs, Video Views, etc)

– Now that Newsfeed is more highly filtered, Ads are almost a necessity to get exposure in Newsfeed

– Introduction of the Buy Button

Facebook provides robust analytics through “Insights”

– Reach, Engagement, Likes

– Demographic breakdown of your fans

– When your fans are online and who engages with your page


Getting the Most from Facebook

– Newsfeed is the most common view of Facebook Posts

– What you see in Newsfeed is filtered using sophisticated (and ever- changing) algorithms

– Only a fraction of posts from your Friends, Groups and Pages are seen in Newsfeed

– Take surveys to provide input to how Facebook is filtering your Newsfeed

Beyond Newsfeed

Since Newsfeed is highly filtered, sometimes you just have to take control yourself

– The first section of the left nav is called Favorites and you can configure it with what interests you most

– Newsfeed is automatically in your Favorites, but can be set to Top Stories / Most Recent

– Favorites

– Saving

“Save” is a relatively new function that allows you to easily save a post and come back later to read it

Saved posts appears on your left nav

Available in Facebook mobile apps, but not always available on desktop

-Messages are private in the sense that they are visible only to the person you are messaging with

Stand alone Messenger App available for download

But be aware that they are used for data collection

– Photo can be uploaded individually (Your Photos), or you can create an Album and upload multiple photos

– Albums can be private or shared (and privacy can be managed at the individual photo level as well)

– Reduce file size Watermark if you are concerned about others downloading your images



This year, Facebook defaulted video settings to play automatically in your mobile Newsfeed. A great browsing experience, BUT, it uses a lot of data.

– In Settings, go to Facebook > Settings > Auto-play to choose from On, Off, or Wi-fi only

– You can also choose to upload in HD

Facebook wants to keep you in Facebook, so they’ve created lots of diversions

Games,  Polls, Messages, Events, Apps!

Facebook What we talked about today:

– What you might want to use Facebook for, and why thinking that through matters

– Controlling your presence on Facebook through Friends, Profiles, Privacy Settings, Publishing Posts and use of Groups and Pages

– Getting the most out of Facebook




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